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Song Searching...

2007-11-17 16:18:14 by DarkMInds

One day, a couple months ago, I found this nifty little program called NGAP Radio. I LOVED IT!! I used this new found program to listen to many of the songs from our very own adio portal, and with it I found popular users such as... Pulstate, FoxTechno, cornandbeans, and as well as not-so common users such as... DemonicScythe, Kenji(Squenji), and JebaL, all of which have good music! But sadly I couldn't download the program due to the fact that my one computer with sound cant be used to download things.. so I got a notebook and wrote down tons of song "codes" I call them, but they are actually the ID of the song, anyways, the list grew and grew, and at the current time I have exactly 230 different songs from various artists! I have them on my fav's list on NGAP Radio and have it playng almost all the time, and my friends also enjoy the music that's playing so! I have the codes, but the names, and artists and times were all unknown untill one day my friend wanted a CD of this music he loves hearing, so I went song searching... typing in every single code! Viewing every page! AND have 184 codes left to find T_T but upoun the search I found out some songs have been DELETED!! WTF!!!! >< O well, it saves me the time of getting all the info -_- anyways if you actually read all this, Thanks ^_^ I can rant sometimes can't I? have a nice day.


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